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Learning service for press operators

Take advantage of our press operator learning service. Keep your skills up to date by keeping up with the latest trends. Discover new techniques and the latest tools available on the market.


Consultation service - Central Die

We provide direct consultations with our suppliers. We will find the best tools for your needs. You will learn everything you need to know about your equipment.
Our suggestions also cover the different software that you can use to improve your daily practices.

What Central Die can do for you

Central Die's distinction stems from its unbeatable customer service. Our associates are always here to answer your questions.

Central Die has the tool you are looking for, regardless of your field of operation. We have everything for box makers. We will assist you throughout the purchasing process.

Ready to satisfy your needs

Our representatives travel across the country to meet with you in your workplace. Our Montreal and Toronto warehouses are always stocked. We are ready to satisfy your needs by preparing your product for delivery the same day or the following day.

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