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Central Die is proud to present its featured products from UK supplier Pro Shim.


ProBak laminates are a combination of embossed ProBak foam laminated to polyester or pvc film.

Our supplier Pro Shim offers you the possibility to obtain the desired quantity for your projects. Avoid waste by contacting Central Die right now.

Why ProBak materials?

ProBak materials allows for high resolution printing, particularly on high speed presses. You will find everything for all your projects, no matter how big they are.

The effect of the embossed foam allows an outstanding result.

Pro Shim offers you quality and durable products.

Unique and original products

ProBak products are a unique and original creation of Pro Shim. They reduce the height of the printing plate. We then reduce the costs and we obtain a result of very high quality!

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Did you know that…

Did you know - Pro Shim

Pro Shim has been in existence since 1998 but became a limited company in 2002. It continuously innovates by offering tools and consumables for different types of printing, including flexography and corrugated board.