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Cutting Rule

A range of straightforward cutting rules on 2pt. and 3pt. bodies which can also be used in conjunction with plain, fancy profile or stitch rules. You can choose either Side Bevel or Centre Bevel in any heights up to 24.13mm. (.950″).

In addition they can be supplied with either a sharp Fine cutting edge or less sharp Medium edge as required.



2pt. Fine Face – Centre Bevel CR253/2

2pt. Fine Face – Side Bevel CR263/2

3pt. Fine Face – Centre Bevel CR254/3

3pt. Fine Face – Side Bevel CR264/3

4pt. Fine Face – Centre Bevel CR255/4

4pt. Fine Face – Side Bevel CR265/4

2pt. Med Face – Centre Bevel CR282/2

2pt. Med Face – Side Bevel CR291/2

3pt. Med Face – Centre Bevel CR283/3

3pt. Med Face – Side Bevel CR292/3