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Cut & Weld Rule

The most popular combination rule comprises a cutting edge, bead channel and welding edge. Our standard cutting height is (.918″) 23.317mm. The welding edge height or differential is made exactly to your requirements. The reference numbers are CW40 on a 4pt. body, CW41 on a 6pt. body and CW43 on an 8pt. body.

As an alternative to our standard Cut & Weld we also make a special 6pt. version with a wider bead channel, reference CW42. This reduces the weld width to 0.81mm. (.32″).



Cut & Weld combination rule without a bead channel is also available. The reference numbers are CW44 on a 4pt. body, CW45 on a 6pt. body and CW46 on an 8pt. body.







For those “two-up” or multiple tools our Cut & Double Weld rules are invaluable. Available on a 6pt. body CDW47/6, on an 8pt. body CDW47, or on a 12pt. body CDW48.They match up perfectly with either 4pt. , 6pt. or 8pt. Cut & Weld respectively.

A similar format is offered with some of our Fancy Profile and Stitch Rules. (see under Cut and Fancy Profile or Stitch Weld Rules).