> Angleweld Rule

Angleweld Rule

Angle Weld rules are available on 3pt. , 4pt. , 6pt. and 8pt. bodies with the following angles:- 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 45.

All can be made with either Side Bevel (SB) or Centre Bevel (CB) as required and are available in any heights from 20.32mm. (.800″) up to 24.13mm. (.950″). 8pt. Angle Weld with Side Bevel is only available in 10.

When ordering, remember to state the angle required.



3pt. Angle Weld – Side Bevel AW51/3

3pt. Angle Weld – Centre Bevel AW55/3

4pt. Angle Weld – Side Bevel AW52/4

4pt. Angle Weld – Centre Bevel AW56/4

6pt. Angle Weld – Side Bevel AW53/6

6pt. Angle Weld – Centre Bevel AW57/6

8pt. Angle Weld – Side Bevel AW54/8

8pt. Angle Weld – Centre Bevel AW58/8